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The BCOA is the professional association that represents orthopaedic surgeons in our province.

Our vision is to provide the best orthopaedic care for our patients, and to advocate for that high-quality care with our partners in health – general practitioners, the Doctors of BC, provincial health authorities and hospitals, the BC Ministry of Health and other orthopaedic healthcare professionals. As the leadership organization for BC orthopaedic surgeons, we also advocate on behalf of our membership through scientific, educational and professional initiatives and alliances. Join us as we work to make the finest orthopaedic healthcare a priority for all British Columbians.

Important note: Under the Canada Health Act, all patients must be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon by a family physician, so the BCOA cannot provide any surgical referrals.

Open letter sent to Health Minister Adrian Dix on September 21, 2022 calling attention to the crisis in Specialty care

If you are a patient currently on a waitlist we want to hear from you

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We want you to know about our series of videos commenting on referral and surgical wait times, orthopaedic surgery and other timely issues.

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