Dr. Cassandra Lane Dielwart

Past President:
Dr. Alastair Younger

Secretary Treasurer:
Dr. Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos

BCOA Regional Directors 2021-2022

Vancouver Island Health Authority
Dr. Nimrod Levi
Dr. Melissa Collins

Fraser Health Authority
Dr. David Wickham
Dr. Lauren Roberts

Northern Health Authority
Dr. David Nelson
Dr. Roger Purnell

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Dr. Richard Nadeau
Dr. Mark McConkey

Interior Health Authority
Dr. Jan Splawinski
Dr. Derek Butterwick

WCB Representative
Dr. Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos

Directors at large:
Dr. Steve Burnett
Dr. Derek Butterwick
Dr. Adrian Huang
Dr. Victor Jando
Dr. Steve Krywulak
Dr. Nimrod Levy
Dr. Michael Loewen
Dr. Michael Moran
Dr. Julian Sernik
Dr. Andrea Veljkovic

Other executive / members at large roles:

Media representative – web site and social media: Dr. Adrian Huang

COA practice management committee: Dr. Alastair Younger

Consultant / Specialists of BC representative: Dr. Alastair Younger

Strategic plan: Dr. Mike Moran

BCOA Tariff Committee – Dr. Peter Dryden

UBC Department of Orthopaedics BCOA education representative: Dr. Andie

Quality Improvement initiatives with the COA / UBC: Dr. Mark McConkey and
Dr. Julian Sernik

Monthly Billing webinars: Dr. Dave Nelson.

Advocacy: Dr. Lauren Roberts, Dr. Colin Jackson.

Other members at Large: Dr. Steve Burnett, Dr. Steve Sylvester, Dr. Victor Jando, Dr. Steve

Staff Directory

Doris Gomes
Executive Coordinator
(604) 903-7527